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Echo Valley Ranch

Echo Valley Ranch is a great feed store. They have a variety of items and do a great job of special ordering. They get a lot of chicks during their chick days. They are also a drop off spot for Horse’s Honor. Echo Valley Ranch is very helpful and if they don’t have something they will order it. They almost always have what I am looking for. They are located at 205 Nevada St, Auburn, CA 95603 and are open from 8:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Their phone number is 530-823-1482

Animal Medical Center: Large Animal

Animal Medical Center: Large Animal is a great veterinary Hospital. They are knowledgeable and have professionals that are willing to answer everyday questions. Their ranch visits do not seem rushed and they will take the time to explain things and talk with you about your horse. I really like how knowledgeable they are.  They are located at 1525 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA 95603. Their phone number is (530) 823-0162,

Hidden Falls Trails

Hidden Falls Trails are very fun and nice trails. They have wider ones and more difficult ones. Since they added a bunch of new trails you can go for hours. The staging area is large and well laid out so that one does not have to back the trailer, also the staging area is free. You can ride any time from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset. It is located at  7587 Mears Place, Auburn CA.

Empire Mine

Empire Mine State Historic Park has approximately 14 miles of trails located in Grass Valley. The trails are clearly marked and are great for horses. They do have a lot of people who like to go on them so it is a great way to desensitize horses. All the trails are open from sunrise to sunset. Some trails are off limits due to park safety issues. They have nice tree cover so it is great to ride in the summer. The Penn Gate parking lot is the main horse staging area. It is located on East Empire Street, one mile east of the junction of Hwy 49 and Hwy 20.

Colfax Farm and Country Store

The Colfax Farm and Country Store is a great store with a lot of stuff. They have nice knowledgeable staff. I have gotten most of my horse feed from them and I love how fresh it is.  They carry a lot of items and once, in a bind, I found the one medicine that I needed. It was there and there alone. They have several birds in their store which is nice. Colfax Farm and Country Store carries a great variety of dog and cat supplies. They are helpful and just an all-around great store. They are located at 140 Main Street in Colfax Ca. Their hours are Monday thru Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., and Sunday 12:00 P.M. thru 4:00 P.M. You can call then at (530) 346-2600

Placer County Farm Supply

Placer Country Farm Supply is a nice store. They have a large variety of nice western clothes. I have bought several horse supply items from them and they have been great. They also have farrier supply’s which is nice. They often have great mandarins in the fall. Placer Country Farm Supply has a neat program where if you sign up you get benefits and if you are in 4-H and you sell an animal they will give you gifts. It’s certainly nice and it can be helpful if you have a lot of feed and items to buy. They are located at 10120 Ophir Road Newcastle, CA 95658. Their hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., and Sunday 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. You can contact them at (916) 663-3741

Cronan Ranch Trails

Cronan Ranch Trails are very nice. There are 12 acres of riding trails. The trails are well maintained and nice to ride on. There are not too many rocks for the horses to step on. The American River goes through some of the ranch and you can walk your horse into it for a much needed break. They have several staging areas. The Pedro Hill Trail Head staging area is nice and it can hold a lot of trailers. These trails are set with more plains then trees. Because of the small number of trees, it can get very hot. Most of the trails are in the sun and sun protection and water is a must in the summer. There are rattle snakes on the trail, so keep a watchful eye out for that. It is open from sunrise to sunset year round.  The Pedro Hill Trail Head is located at “Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park,” El Dorado County CA 95664.”

Weimar Institute

Weimar Institute is a very unique place. It has a nice little store with things like oat flower and dried fruit. There are also a lot of trails to ride on. They do not allow bikes, so if you have a bike fearing horse it may be a good place for you. The horse trails are wide and not very rocky which is nice. There are wild animals and though I have never seen one, it is in the territory of mountain lions, bears, rattle snakes and so on. They do however have a lot of ticks. You must be very careful to check you and your horse after a ride. It is not a matter of if you will get ticks it’s a matter of how many. The staging area is not huge but it is not small either. Other than that, Weimar Institute is a great place for riding. It is located at 20601 W Paoli Ln, Weimar, CA 95713. The trails are open from about dawn until dusk, but no later than 10 P.M.

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