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Here at Pony.Estate we are focused on our clients. We try to get them connected with the horse property that suits their unique needs. We are client driven. We offer professional real estate services, and work closely with clients who want to sell their horse property in order to market their special property to its best potential. Our real estate agents are professional, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to help our clients. We do not have a set standard that we force everyone in to. We work with you and for you. Horse property is a big investment and it must be the right one for you

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Stiles and Kissing Gates

On my recent trip to the UK I came across some useful ideas for gates and easy fence crossings. They have large fields for their cows or sheep and it is not easy to have an assembly of gates at regular intervals. They have created an easy way to get…

Horse Hot Walkers

Hot walkers have been around for years. It is in its basic form a means for a horse to be exercised or cooled out. A person that walks a horse, like a race horse or an event er, can be considered a groom with the job of walking a horse.…