Housing a Stallion

Keeping a horse is a lot of work and they all have many different needs. Stallions have unique needs. When housing a stallion, people need to take into consideration what they need. They are more likely to be agitated and high strung due to their raging hormones. They need plenty of exercise, whether that comes from free turn outs or people working with them so they can stay fit.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you choose to keep a stallion. Stallions are a special case and their needs are different then mares and geldings. People also need to be aware that some counties restrict the number and types of animals that you may have. They should call the local county to see if their house is zoned for stallions.

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  Most people tend to keep their stallions by themselves, either in their own little area or in a barn with other stallions. The stalls that are used for stallions should be a little bigger than most other stalls. Instead of a twelve by twelve, they require more of a thirteen by thirteen or even larger. This allows them to have more room and they will feel more comfortable. Their stalls should be made up of stouter supplies, because stallions tend to test the enclosure especially when a mare is near.

Some stallions develop bad habits when they are stalled all the time just like any other horse. Placing rubber mats around the lower half of the stall can protect them if they kick the walls and help preserve the stall. Another recommendation is that they have a window between them and the next horse with bars so that they can nose and stay connected with the outside world. A strand of hot wire above the windows and or doors will greatly help with discouraging them from rearing up to get a better look and hurting themselves. Having a portable hot wire system can be used when the stallion goes to shows to reinforce the “no rearing” rule.

When you want to turn out your stallion, there are some precautions that should be taken into consideration. Number one is that it is just torture to a stallion when there are mares pastured next to his pasture. He, running on his hormones, may try to get through the fence, resulting in a possible injury to himself and some other horses.

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Since stallions are often kept separate, they need even more socialization. Geldings and other stallions, if their personality’s mesh, make great companions for each other. Whether you use vinyl fencing or wooden, a strand of electric fence will help any horse mind the fence. Having a stallion turned out will burn off some of their energy and make them more manageable. Stallions need exercise and a safe enclosure to help keep them and others safe.

Stallions are special horses and many of them are just as good if not better then geldings. They require some extra needs but they can be a great horse in the hands of a trained person. With a little added care, they can be content and happy horses.

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